Marcella Pique Cotton Bow Ties

Our bow ties are custom made for you in the length, (vertical) height and shape that you prefer with no adjustor.

We will use an interlining unless you request no interlining.The rough variance for length is 1/2 of an inch and for the height 1/8 of an inch.

Please note that we will cut the bow tie fabric exactly as request but there will be natural movement which is a good thing.

To make your bow tie we will need you to add to the notes section when you check out:

1) The shape that you want -

2) Horizontal length of the tied bowtie.

3) The vertical height of the bow tie ends.

4) Please tell us your neck size (Your actual neck size, not your collar size).

5) The length of the untied bowtie (from left to right).

Note: We can estimate your length for you, but without your accurate length we can't be certain of a perfect length.

Estimated number that can be made: 3 item(s)
Estimated number that can be made: 7 item(s)