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Sam Hober Bow Tie Construction

Our bow ties are completely custom made for you in the length, (vertical) end height and shape that you prefer with no adjustor.

We will use a light interlining unless you request no interlining.

The advantage of an interlining is that it will give your bow tie more structure. A bow tie without an interlining will be softer. There is no right or wrong construction it is based on your personal preference.

Up to 35 inches it is possible to make a one piece bow tie: Above 35 inches the size of the fabric roll does not allow a one piece construction.

When we make your bow tie the approximate variance for length is 1/2 of an inch and for the height 1/8 of an inch. We actually will cut exactly as you request but the fabric will tend to move from day to day and you may measure slightly differently from how we measure.

Note that there are many variations in how your bow tie can be designed and measured.

To make your bow tie we will need you to add to the notes section when you check out:

1) The shape that you want. (Butterfly or Batwing etc.)

2) The exact horizontal length from end to end (untied).

To get your bow tie length from left to right untied start with your neck size, and then add between 2.5 to 3.5 inches. If you have a thin body you might add about 2.5 inches; for a larger body size add around 3 to 3.5 inches and then add your bow size.

As an example for a butterfly shape bow tie without points and a thin body with a 16 inch neck: 16 + 2.5 inches = 18.5 inches.

Then add the two bows which in this example are 8 inches each​ (but could be smaller or larger) ​: 18.5 inches + (8 x 2 =16 inches) = 34.5 inches​. ​Actual bow size is a personal choice and will change the final ​tied size of the bow tie.

If you want points ​please your use own style preference and ​add ​1 inch for each point (1 x 2 = 2")​

Note currently we are using by default one inch for points on each side; this size will change from season to season.

If the vertical height of the ends are less than 2 inches high we will ​sometimes add around 1/2 inch for each point or one inch for both ends. ​But as always there is no special rule.​​11screen-shot-2017-04-17-at-4.12.14-pm-2

3) The vertical height of the bow tie ends.
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4) Horizontal length of the tied bowtie.

Bow Ties Shapes

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