We ship from our workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand via DHL Express.

You will see your exact shipping rates for your order in your shopping cart which includes shipping and handling costs; you are responsible for all Import Duties and Taxes charged by your country.

Our shipping rates are based on the volume of your order, not the number of items. There is a minimum price set by DHL. Normally one tie will cost the same to ship as two ties. Three ties will be more than two ties. After three ties the shipping rate goes up very slowly.

Ties will often shorten while being shipped because of being folded and after wearing a couple of times will be the correct length and width again. We measure carefully every tie before packing. We measure by laying a tie straight on a long table which may result in slightly different measurements compared to your measurements.

From the date we receive your order with all measurements, delivery to you is around ten business days on average. Please check our website front page for delivery updates. If you need an order for a special event please be sure to email us and we will try our best to help you.

America currently has a duty rate of about 7.2% for ties on orders of $800 or more.  In Australia duty is not normally collected for orders up to 1,000 Australian dollars. Canada has both import duty and VAT which can be expensive.

Countries in Europe and many parts of the world usually collect both customs duty and VAT tax which can be expensive.

Note we are not part of your country's tax collections so we can't help with your questions about taxes - DHL is usually helpful with tax information and paperwork.

For more information, please contact your local customs office.

Sam Hober is not responsible for any delays or extra expenses in shipping.