Dear David,

The tie and silk square arrived today. I must express my admiration of the exquisite presentation and my appreciation of the personal touches such as the little card, too.

The contents exceeded my expectations, the quality of the silk is almost luminous, and the hand rolled border is just perfect - I shall feel very special when have occasion to wear these wonderful garments.

You obviously take a great pride in both in the manufacture and the personal service you offer and I have enjoyed the process of acquiring these special things guided by yourself. May I wish you increasing and well deserved success in your business.

John K.

Astwood Bank, Redditch

I am wearing the tie today and received many compliments on it. Its also made exactly the way I like. I like the pocket square as well, they're excellent.

I need to order another couple of ties-I will check out the web site right now, to be direct about it, your service is so good that I want to support you as much as possible.

Edward H.

New York, New York

David . . .

The lovely scarves arrived safely today, and I wanted to let and your wife know how PERFECT they are! They are beautiful and so well made. How grateful I am to have found Mulberrywood while (literally) searching for the proverbial "needle in a haystack." I had just about given up when I spotted your website among all those lists that pop up on such general searches as I was doing. The first one I ordered is the one I will use . . . it is so lovely, and it complements the dress I'm wearing to our daughter's wedding perfectly.

Needless to say, I am keeping all of them. And, just as you described, the gift cards are wonderful. Thank you so much for your personal attention to us. I look forward to ordering from you again. I've already got my eye on some handmade ties for Christmas gifts . . . not to mention the amazing selection of scarves and shawls you have.


Roberta S.

Kingston, Tennessee


The old man really liked his tie. you may have another customer.

Thanks so much.

Josh S.

Beverly Hills, California

Hi David,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the squares the other day and I'm quite happy with them -- they're lovely. Many thanks! :-)

An easy-to-print pdf of the folding guide is a great idea -- there are a couple of variations that you listed that I want to try out.

I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again.

Thanks again.


Dr. James V.

New York, New York

Dear David,

Thank you for your e-mail, and most of all for the instructions. Hope you put them on your website as well.

The quality of your pocket squares is unmatched, at least as far as I know. Went last week to Las Vegas , not realizing the pocket square in one of my jackets was not one of yours. It was only cheap material, hard do a fold, and to hold it in place. The pocket square had a little tag in one corner, I tried to tuck it back, it still came out. Embarrassing.

If you know quality you can’t go back.

I will be visiting your site again soon.

Best regards

Hans L.

San Marcos, California


Wearing the tie today - have already received two compliments. It is outstanding I am already thinking about the next one.

Thanks again - really enjoyed working with you on this.

BTW - just saw your post on SF with my tie! Didn't realize a self-tipped 7-fold was so unusual - I guess the unlined part makes it so.

Please pass along my compliments to Noina for her excellent work.


Peter K.

Richmond, Virginia

The most perfect pocket square arrived today.

Most humbled by your speed and attention to detail.

Many thanks,

Pat F.

Clarkson Valley , Missouri

Thanks for your wonderful follow-up. I have received the ties and pocket squares.

I look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Many thanks.

A. Umit T.

London, England


I received my order today. Everything looks really great.

The tie seems to be of much higher quality than anything else I own.

Thanks so much for your great work and service.


Joel S.

Dallas, Texas

David and Noi,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know my tie and pocket square were waiting when I arrived home yesterday, as promised. The pocket square is the perfect size and the edges are rolled and stitched more securely than any of my other squares. If I fold it right, I can show some of the predominantly blue as well as the predominantly pink sides, which I think makes it a real winner.

But the tie is absolutely stunning!! Of course the fabric is wonderful, but it also ties a perfect knot! I need to decide what color shirt will show it off to best effect.

Anyway, thank you so much, both of you, for giving my tie wardrobe some *real* pop!!

Ralph W.

San Diego, California


I just picked up the tie today from the post office.

It looks great and feels great. It's a bit thicker than the ties I typically wear, but I still love it.

The measurements are perfect.


Mark M.

Baltimore, Maryland


The Dark Red/Black Shot pocket square I ordered arrived today.

I was looking for a deep red square square to accent an otherwise all black and white shawl tuxedo.

This perfectly fit the bill. The combination of color, sheen, and body is flat out stunning. Just wonderful.

Congratulations on the baby. Enjoy the days.

Yes, my son still teaches in Thailand. He's getting married in November and some white (wedding) pocket squares may be in his future.


Don G.

Bloomington, Indiana

I have a fondness for anything that was made individually by a person as opposed to by a big company.

I tend to hate big name labels that you can find in the local mall or shopping center and prefer items that I consider to be more "personal".

I tend to purchase items because they please me and because I know that someone dedicated their time to honing their craft and ultimately handcrafting it.

Your ties are perfect examples of what I love.

Thanks again!

Chris P.

Wilmington. Delaware


I must say that your silks look simply delicious.

A Thai silk square that I purchased from you some time ago has become my absolute favorite.

I look forward to further purchases.

Best regards,

Ray K.

Delmar, New York


Arrived last week as promised and as per usual, very stunning pieces.

Thanks again for keeping me looking good!

I have to tell you, I’m wearing the light blue one today and have received no less than 5 compliments here in my office (of 40 people of which there are about 20 here today) AND another 7 or 8 “wow, nice tie, where did you get it’s” while shopping at South Coast Plaza earlier today.

I knew it looked great but I guess most people do too!

Robert. S.

Santa Anna, California


I received the ties today, and I am very pleased. The heavier lining gives the navy/pink tie a very nice heft and drape, and I like the coloration and feel of the shot tie.

Thanks for all your help (and for the swatches).

John C.

Houston, Texas


I was the one who made WW2 Women's uniforms from your greenish fabric and flags from green and reds for Elk Mound HS marching band-remember? Anyway- they are gorgeous... On Saturday, March 11, they will be marching in the Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade, which will be televised, I believe on ABC network- Hopefully, you may get to see your stuff on TV!

Pretty cool...

Liz G.

Elk Mound, Wisconsin

Thank you David!

I received the Pamplona pocket square yesterday. It looks great! Even the packaging was done in great taste.

Thanks again,

Barry S.

Eagleville, Pennsylvani


I received the ties and they look great! The thickness is perfect.

Thanks very much.

Mark M.

Baltimore, Maryland

Hi David,

Just received the squares today, they are great. Not only are they very well crafted, and made of wonderful material, they complement the new ties I just bought perfectly. When I get my camera, I will have to share with you and AA. Appreciate you including the swatches, I didn't realize the character of the fabric until I had it in hand. And one of the English samples looks good for a tie for my dad.

Best Regards,

Brian Y.

San Mateo, California

Hi David,

I received the pocket square and swatches today and I am very pleased.

Thanks & korp khun krup,

Jason P.

North Scituate, Rhode Island


I wanted to let you know my tie arrived today. This has far exceeded my hopes.

The construction is remarkable and the hand is simply luxury. I look forward to wearing it tomorrow.

I will let you know how it ties up (I have test knotted it and am more than pleased) then.

I would like to correct something I told you earlier - I am a customer for life. I will be back to purchase more ties from you in the future.

Best Regards,

Robert N.

Kennesaw, Georgia

Dear Noi and David,
Thank you so much for the wonderful silk pocket square. It arrived today, and the presentation was fabulous.

From the tissue paper to the personalized note, it was a beautiful package.

I bought the square to use to wrap my tarot cards. A natural fabric such as silk or linen allows the tarot cards to retain their energy, and white for purity allows for the best reading.

Thanks again.

Jennie S.

North Ridgeville, Ohio


The shawl I ordered from you Tuesday arrived at my home in Rhode Island today.

It is absolutely stunning. You are right - the website photos do not do justice to the fabric.

I purchased the shawl to wear to a very special dinner in two weeks at which I am the guest of honor. I can't wait to wear it!

Many thanks,

Tracie S.

Narragansett, Rhode Island

Hi, David - I received the scarves today; they are beautiful!

Thanks so much -

Anne K.

San Francisco, California


I just wanted to tell you that I wore the pocket square for summations in my trial last week--I really liked it.

Used the TV fold from your site.

When the jurors came in, they all looked at my breast pocket and gave me that nod.

It looked really professional. I was concerned, like a lot of trial lawyers I suppose, that the pocket square would be too much for the "regular guy" who was selected.

But now I think, in New York anyway, that since jurors are exposed to so many TV shows where everybody looks great and even televised trials--the bar has definitely been raised and people are not suprised and some even expect that a lawyer dress a certain way.

By the way, I won--was it the pocket square? Hmmmmm......


Calvin S.

Mount Vernon, New York


I received my pocket square today, and it is very beautiful.

The Thai silk shot samples are amazing.
I've never seen anything quite like them with how the colors change with the angle of the light.

It makes me want to throw out all my existing ties and replace them with ones from Noina and you.

In fact, I feel like gobbling up your entire catalog, but I will try to be good. ;-)

Albert V.

Dublin, Ohio


The package just arrived and I was thrilled! The quality of the pocket square is beyond compare.

I am sure to be back for more pocket squares and ties.


Alex F.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I just ordered a plain white pocket square, and even though I was sure I was going to get a quality product, I was still surprised at how very nice it is...the fabric is beautiful (now I know what they mean when they say it looks better in person)...and the feel is unbelievable.

Those who know me, know how much I love Hermes pocket squares...but in all honesty, the Mulberrywood material is just as good if not better...and the customer service is stellar...I was floored by the beautiful silk card, with a hand written note inside that was included with my order...unbelievable...I have a feeling that I'll be adding lots more Mulberrywood pocket squares to my collection...these could easily sell for $80 a piece.

Thanks again David & Noina!

Santino W.

Concord, California

David -

Thanks for going above and beyond to deliver in time for Christmas.

You don't see enough of that anymore, and I do appreciate it!

Karen T.

Dallas, Texas

Hello David,

My mother loved the scarf.

Thanks again.

Ari O.

Miami Beach, Florida

Dear David,

The scarves are absolutely beautiful. The pictures really didn't do them justice; they are far richer, yet more subtle in person. And more masculine, I think I'm going to have to keep one for myself!

Cody S.

Rochester, New York

I received the ties yesterday. They were fantastic. The orange tie looks great, and I am wearing the blue tie today.

My wife loved them too. She wasn't sure if they were going to be thick enough, but when she saw them she said they were perfect.

These are the best ties I have ever had. Before I would not wear a tie twice in six months unless I really liked it, now I wear your ties every chance I get. I've got to get some more so people don't think I only have ten ties.

Thanks for everything, the shape was perfect. You have a customer for life.

Thanks again,

Calvin S.

Mount Vernon, New York

I want to thank you so much for the great service and the wonderful tie and pocket square.

I got many compliments on them at the wedding and reception and they turned out exactly as I was hoping they would.

You really went out of your way for us and we can't thank you enough.


Chris P.

Goleta, California

Thanks David,

Got the pocket square Saturday and it is really beautiful; first rate work and material! I have a navy suit it will look great with as well as a deep red sport coat that it will compliment.

Take care and good luck to you and your wife with your silk business.

Dan G.

Huntington, West Virginia

Having contracted pocketmania from others on the Ask Andy forum, I ordered four relatively plain squares from Mulberrywood on Thursday afternoon and they arrived on Saturday.

They're fabulous. As the website says, the photos don't do the silk justice. I am extremely impressed both by the squares and the service - and David included some swatches as well (though that's a bit like a crack dealer giving a freebie ).


Stephen G.

Merrick, New York

Hello David,

Thanks for making these up for the Ask Andy community by the way the pocket square looks very nice indeed.

Many thanks,

Gary B.

Portland, Oregon

David, The pocket square is beautiful. I've never seen silk like this before. Only now do I appreciate how unique each piece must be. It has such substance and body, you can really fold it just like cotton or linen. The silk squares I've seen in the past are all suitable only for poofing, and invariably slip down in one's pocket. The wonderful texture of this silk surly will prevent that! The edges are gorgeous; so tight and plump, with remarkably precise stitching.

The shot is quite interesting. It's solid enough for use when I already have too many patterns going on at once, but the contrasting (weft?) provides just enough subtle iridescence so it doesn't appear pedestrian. I do like the black mudmee; the swatch has a very nice sheen to it, and it seems to have something "more" than the square I chose. Maybe that will be the next one I order. I think the #1 is my favorite black, but it seems to me something like a spectator shoe: so striking that if you wear it more than occasionally, people will think it's the only one you own.

Each piece is different, with different hands, different sheen, etc... The variations within each piece add a beauty lacking in uniform, machine made silk. The shot silk is particularly interesting, since not only does the color change with the angle of the light hitting it, but the opacity does as well. It's not quite solid, but not quite a pattern.
Noi's sewing is fantastic. The edges are very tight and plump, with very small and tight (and even) stitches. In comparing the pocket squares to other top brands I see that Noi's stitches are much tighter and smaller, and she uses twice as many per inch. I don't understand how David and Noi can offer so wonderful a product at such a low price. Nordstom's would easily sell these at $80 a pop.

The more I examine the silk, the more mesmerizing I find it.

The opacity seems to change depending upon its angle to the light.

Cody S.

Glen Head, New York

David and Noi,

Received my pocket square and swatches yesterday -- wow -- very nice!

I'm like a kid in a candy store with the samples I'll be back. . .


Pat T.

Annapolis, Maryland

I've been very happy with my pocket square.

I especially like the fact that the texture has a little grip to it so it is not constantly migrating south into the pocket.

David and Noina certainly do fine work.

William W.

Montgomery, Alabama

I have a violet and the Ask Andy #1 pocket square and I love them both.

Max H.

Fort Worth, Texas

I received the tie today. First of all, thank you for the incredibly quick turn-around time for the order! I am truly amazed that you were able to create a custom pattern, make the tie itself, and ship it in such a short amount of time. My compliments to you and your hard working staff.

As for the tie itself, the quality of the construction and the silk, not to mention the proportions, are all exquisite! As you said earlier, this silk truly needs to be seen in person in order to appreciate its full beauty. Oh, and the gift bag is very nice as well; I'm going to use it to enclose a present for a dear friend.

When I first started corresponding with you last week, I did not think it was possible that I'd have a new tie before I left for my upcoming trip but you proved me wrong. Not only did I get a nicer tie than I expected, I got it at an excellent price and much more quickly than I could have ever hoped for..

Thanks again for everything,

Roger S.

Santa Clara, California

David, The squares arrived in perfect shape yesterday and, as I’ve read time and time again on “Ask Andy’s” Forum posts, pictures don’t do your handiwork justice! I will now be spending some time this weekend matching them with my existing closet o’ suits and ties and will be placing another order to fill in my spectrum of colors. As a suggestion, you might want to add the care sheet to your web page along with the various common techniques used to load the square into the pocket.

By the way I already have gotten 2 compliments from complete strangers today on my violet square.

Thanks again!

Robert S.

Yorba Linda , California

My pocket square arrived at our package room today and I've just opened it up. The workmanship on the hems is beautiful. The finished product is splendid--I tried it in the pocket of my charcoal flannel suit and it does exactly what I'd hoped, thanks to your elegant work.

And, of course, your service is second to none. Beautiful card, too. I've pointed my girlfriend to your shawls and scarves pages to see if she finds anything she likes!

All the best,

Randall C.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I received the pocket square today. I'm very impressed. The silk is unique and quite beautiful, and the standards of construction are excellent.

Thank you,

John C.

Houston, Texas

Firstly, thank you so very much for the personal attention you have given my little order.

It just dawned on me that you must have arisen before 5AM your time to make that call to me this morning.

That is "valor, above and beyond the call of duty." I just want you to know that I really do appreciate it.
By the way, my daughter was thrilled with her tie.

The color was absolutely perfect. She cherishes it and will only wear it on very special occasions.

Lee K.

New York, New York

David: I must say that your silks look simply delicious. I look forward to further purchases.

Best regards,

Ray K.

Delmar, New York

The shawl arrived today, and you are not going to believe this, but the color is exactly, and I mean exactly, the color of the fuchsia dress I was hoping against hope to match.

Incredible! And the gold threads make it magical.

Needless to say, I am very, very pleased. (An interesting aside: when I flew for Pan Am, we were lucky enough to be the crew flying Queen Sirikit and her entourage to Washington from Bangkok. She had some samples of a lovely silk (or was it cotton?) that was made by aboriginal tribes in Thailand, and was promoting the cottage industry. Pan Am had covered the menus in the fabric, and I remember being struck with its beauty and rustic qualities.)

Thanks again! I'll be visiting your website again soon.

Anne A.

Healdsburg, California

Material is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks so much

Constance C.

Rochester, New York

Got the pocket square today and it looks great, better than pocket squares that I have from Ralph Lauren!


Betron C.

Greensboro, North Carolina

Just had to write to let you know how thrilled I am with my new Khid shawl.

It is even more beautiful and unique than I thought it would be.

It is too pretty to use just occasionally and so I am using it on my living room sofa as a throw.

Have received many compliments and you can expect orders from several of my friends.

Thank you for your personal and prompt attention to my order. I will be placing another order very soon.

Penny A.

Fountain Hills, Arizona

Thank you very much Dave. I received the squares yesterday just like you promised.

Awesome packaging and beautiful squares.. luv it!

Best Regards,

Henry F.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I just received my pocket square and it is remarkable. Completely unlike anything else out there. What a lovely thing! Funky, yet elegant. I'll be ordering more, and some ties too.
Tie and pocket square received and they are fabulous. The bag for the tie is something else, too.

I'm glad I've discovered you folks, and hope you'll remember me when you get so high-end that I can't afford it.

You could easily charge double for this stuff - and get it. The pocket square I bought has elicited rave reviews from everybody, even nitwits whose idea of fashion is a vintage New York Jets Jersey.

One other thing - I really like the card you thoughtfully enclosed.

Are these an in-house product? You should sell them - they're very nice.


Patrick S.

Phoenicia, New York

I just received the Mudmee pocket square and matching scarf for my wife. Megapoints with my significant other! She loves her scarf and I dig my pocket square. I think that it is a sort of nice understated way to wear something matching when we go out. It should be fun!

The silk is absolutely beautiful and has a texture that is markedly different from most ties and pocket squares, not to mention women's scarves. I'll be looking for excuses to purchase more. Oh, and the delivery was quite quick too.

If you are looking for something distinctive, this will do the trick.

John K.

Norfolk, Virginia

I am amazed with your customer care. Really it is so rare to find. I wish for you and your business many blessings and good fortune.

Thanks again for the beautiful scarves.

Charisse L.

Fairfield, Iowa

The tie arrived yesterday and it's just beautiful. I'm sure my husband will love it.

Thank you for being so responsive to my email, and for shipping so quickly.

I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future.

Khap khun!

Carolyn G.

New Hamburg, New York

I love the pocket squares - I ordered a violet, a navy and a gold one.

They look beautiful and the weave definitely has a lot of character.

Frank W.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

The scarf is so beautiful, and the fabric is gorgeous, I was so thrilled- I got my package today and have already made a flag-

Thank you so much.

Liz G.

Elk Mound, Wisconsin

I love the scarves; they are absolutely beautiful.

All the best,

Anja S.

Brooklyn, New York

Thanks for the wonderful product and service! I received my Pocket Square several weeks ago and was impressed with the packaging and the attention to detail. However, I was unsure how much I liked the product – it seemed a little too flashy. That was until I wore it yesterday. It looked wonderful – very subtle and not flashy at all. I have even gotten several compliments.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful product.

Jim E.

Jamison, Pennsylvania

Just received your beautiful creations last night.

Can't tell you how excited we were as we opened our boxes and took each one out of their protective wrapping.

Wow! Really beautiful and unique work.

We're really happy to have found your website and look forward to ordering for ourselves and friends and family in the future.

Thank you for your kind note.

Again, thank you and Noi for the beauty and quality of the work you do!

Jeffrey J.

New York, New York

Thank you for sending the beautiful silks. I will keep them on hand as the house renovation continues.

The colors are beautiful,

Martha U.

Jackson. Mississippi

My wife loved all of the scarves, but especially the Buak scarves.

I'm sure we will be ordering from you in the near future,


Steve H.

Meadville. PA

Thanks so much – the personal touch is great and so appreciated… it was a pleasure talking with you…by the way, get the pith helmet with the inline fan! Much appreciated,

Maya R.

Three Rivers, California

The pocket squares I recently ordered have already arrived and are really beautiful.

Thanks for the amazing service and your thoughtful (and attractive) note.

Perhaps you should consider expanding your product line to include stationery?

Steve K.

Williamsville, New York

I got the pocket squares and they are excellent. The texture is definitely unique and I will enjoy wearing them.

"Mulberrywood Black Mudmee Thai Silk Pocket Square #4" is very distinctive, and the pictures on your site don't showcase it's beauty. It has a shine (almost "fluorescence") that is not found (for example) in the red mudmee.

I don't know if this is on purpose or it just happens with some silks...

Thank you,

Hreljan I.

Valhalla, New York

I just received your Luk Gaew shawl and I love it! It is uniquely beautiful with magnificent workmanship.

Ronnie L.

University Heights, Ohio

David & Noi, Your Pongman scarves are so beautiful, I will wear them with much pleasure.

They will go well with many of my clothes.

Barbara S.

Denver, Colorado

I got your silk today. Thank you so much; it is really beautiful. I appreciate the care instructions too.

I hope to get a tie made from it soon. p.s. 'hope you all are okay there. I heard about the heavy wet snows out your way. We are sunny and 79 degrees out here today.

Take care,

Robert D.

Wichita Falls, Texas