Navy Blue Prometeo Grenadine Silk Pocket Square # 7

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100% Silk woven in Italy.

Approximately 13 inches square.

Our pocket squares have beautiful hand rolled edges and mitered corners.

1) Grenadine Fina and Grenadine Grossa number 11 are our two lightest Navy grenadine colors which we call Soft Navy.

2) Navy Blue Grenadine Prometeo #7 and Navy Blue Grenadine Piccola #8 are a slightly darker Navy than our Grossa and Fina #11.

3) Our next level of dark blue is Dark Navy Blue Prometeo #23 and Piccola #22. 

4) Our darkest Blue Grenadine is Grossa and Fina #8 Midnight Blue.

Midnight Blue is close to black but some gentlemen prefer it over our Navy Blue having grown up with a very dark Navy as their reference point.

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