Thai Stripe Silk Ties

Our Sangdao Thai silk is of the finest quality and woven by our weavers in Thailand.

Please note that ties made from handwoven silk can have variances in weight, color and texture (as well as have slubs) and are not a traditional silk necktie and that this is part of the charm of handwoven silk.

Thai silk ties are intended for someone who is a connoisseur of Thai silk, or wants a unique artisanal necktie.

This is a traditional iridescent Thai "shot" silk fabric. The warp yarn is shot through with a different colored weft yarn, which along with the lustrous nature of Thai silk yarn produces the brilliant sheen.

The colors change as light reflects off the silk.

Please email if you have questions.

Estimated number that can be made: 11 item(s)
Thai Striped Thai Silk Tie #28