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Sam Hober Grenadine Ties

Sam Hober uses Fermo Fossati & Bianchi grenadine silk to make elegant bespoke / custom made ties and pocket squares in our workshop the old-fashioned way; very slowly, by hand, one by one. With a great deal of attention paid to elegant sewing. The level of detail that we put into our ties is not something that you will find anywhere else.

Fermo Fossati & Bianchi are traditional artisanal weavers of the finest grenadine silk and are located in the Como area of Italy.

Sam Hober has the largest selection of grenadine neckties, bow ties and pocket squares in the world.

You can select one of our grenadine silks and specify the length, width, and shape as well as the construction.

Grenadine silk is a loose weave that naturally makes full sized knots with beautiful dimples using a four-in-hand knot.

We do not advise using a Windsor or other large knot with grenadine silk as the knot will tend to be very large. You can use a large knot by making it tightly but this will tend to shorten the life of the tie.

We use a 4-fold construction as our standard construction on all our grenadine ties. We can also make a 6-fold construction if you prefer a heavier feeling for your ties. Please visit our Tie Construction page for the option of adding a 6-fold construction, extra length or rolled edges etc.

Larger to smaller of the four Silk Grenadine weaves: Grossa, Prometo, Fina and Piccola.

Please note that the Cashmere/Silk Grenadine Grossa has more open space between the woven pattern.

The Grenadine weave is very elegant and beautiful, however, the loose weave can sometimes develop a pull or snag.
This video will be helpful if you have a pull or snag:
How to repair a Grenadine weave pull

This is how our Fermo Fossati Grenadine silk is woven in Como, Italy

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