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Our Sam Hober Pocket Squares

We are making pocket squares because we simply love the look.

David started like most men using a traditional white cotton pocket square in a double or triple peak fold. Later he began wearing silk pocket squares in the more fluffy "puff" style.

Our Sangdao handwoven Thai silk pocket squares are artisanally made with our own handwoven 100% Thai silk that we weave in Thailand. We also use linen, cotton and wool for our pocket squares. We hand sew our pocket squares in very limited numbers. The hand-rolled edges are crafted with loving care and are very tightly rolled.

Our pocket squares are made with edges that are tightly rolled by hand with between 4 to 6 stitches per inch depending on the silk and style of pocket square. Unlike most ordinary pocket squares which are made very quickly with very loose stitching. We also use a special picture frame style of corners for our pocket squares.

When we sew the edges of our pocket squares we stop from time to time, and examine both the roll and the pocket square's overall proportions. If we see something that is not perfect we take apart the pocket square and start over again. You will not find pocket squares like ours anywhere else in the world.

Our iridescent shot silk is very bright and lustrous, perfect for that dark wool suit. Our trademark mudmee pocket squares are unique, and not found anywhere else. The patterns in our mudmee silk are made by repeatedly tying and dyeing the silk yarn. Before weaving, the yarn looks like a multicolored barcode. The yarn is then woven by hand on wooden looms into traditional patterns.

Pocket squares made with handwoven Thai silk have an added advantage in that the texture of Thai silk helps to keep pocket squares from slipping in a jacket pocket.

Our standard size Thai silk pocket squares are roughly 15 inches square.

We adjust the size of a pocket square based on the thickness of the fabric.

We can make bespoke pocket squares in the size of your choice from your pick of 100s of different fabrics including English printed and Italian grenadine weave silks for the sartorially adventurous as well as luxury cotton and linen fabric pocket squares.

When we have fabric that is wide enough we can make large ascot squares (neckerchiefs) and scarves.