Road map for next year...

by David Hober

Currently we are improving our website to make it more user friendly.

We are making plans for reweaving silks and some new silks.

Please email us if you have suggestions for our website or new fabrics.



An interesting idea - are you saying recreate the typical Macclesfield printed geometric designs as a woven design?
Woven pattern Macclesfield ties!
Agreed - both are good colors...
I was thinking more of a light grey over charcoal, although either shade would be nice.

In the past we always had on hand solid cashmeres and they were popular. But the English mill that wove for us - Vanners - went out of business recently.

Very sad actually as they had been in business for many years and they were easy to work with.

So I will find a new weaver and work on having on hand at all times a range of solid cashmere fabric.

Blue, brown and gray are good ideas - not sure if we had gray cashmere in the past... Were you thinking of charcoal gray or more of a silver? Dark reds too will be good.

Thank you for your suggestion.
I’d love to see some solid cashmere selections in blue, brown or gray shades. Love your ties as always!

Thank you for the suggestion - burnt orange has always been popular - is that close to what you are thinking of?
A caramel solid. It would fill the colour spectrum between
orange and the tans and browns.
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