Charlie & Max Labradoodle Pocket Square

Charlie and Max are Labradoodles, which are a cross breed of Poodles and Labrador Retrievers developed in Australia. They were originally bred to be service and hospice dogs.
They come in miniature, standard and large. Charlie and Max are standard (mid-size) and weigh about 21 kilos each. They are a fabulous breed. Smart like a poodle, emotionally warm like a Lab and very gentle. Terrific in all respects.
The brown one is Charlie Ruggles from Berryville, Virginia, who is 10 now. The white one is Max Bandido from Australia, who is 5. Charles is a perfect Southern gentlemen and Max is a mischievous (but good hearted) prankster, who loves to party. They are both true to their national origins.

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