White Belgian Linen Pocket Square #LLPS-1

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100% Belgian Linen.

Please note that this is an optical white, not a natural white like our Grenadine white silk.

This white is linen and naturally is matte like a white cotton or linen shirt.

Our pocket squares have beautiful hand rolled edges and mitered corners.

Around 15 inches square / 38 centimeters.

Growing up in the 50-60s men in my family wore white, cotton handkerchiefs in TV folds bought by the dozen at long vanished department stores. A step up was Irish linen with no little angst over the price. Belgian was a tablecloth brought out for holidays like the Shroud of Turin under guard by your grandmother.
Buy yourself 2 or 3; still less than that month of groceries bought during the Cuban Missile Crisis. They're worth it!
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