Delivery Times

by David Hober

Currently 8 days on average for an order to be delivered for DHL Express and on average 4+ weeks for registered airmail. Both require a signature for delivery. Orders with only pocket squares and swatches will be fatser.

Please let us know if you need your order by a certain date and we will try to help you. We are not responsible for delivery with registered mail. DHL express is much more reliable and faster. Registered mail often has delays especially around holidays.

Sometimes but not always Registered mail will not have customs duty - which can be helpful for Canada, the UK, Greece, France and other countries.


Benjamin Hober Ready Made Ties

by Arno Prakobkong

Currently we are upgrading the site - thank you for your patience! It will take some time for the website to be ready...


The Benjamin Hober site is for those who don't want to measure and are in a hurry - we have ties available on that site that are already made. Note, all Sam Hober ties are custom made not ready made.


Over time we will add more ties and also pocket squares and maybe adjustable bow ties...

Meanwhile just email us at for help.



by Arno Prakobkong
Black Grosgrain Silk Cummerbund

We made a classic 4 pleat, black grosgrain and handwoven black Thai silk cummerbund today.

The cummerbund is for the upcoming wedding of a caligraphy artist; who requested a ribbon style closure in the back and a hidden pocket.

We have designed a solid brass clasp and slider which we are in the process of having a mold made for now. Probably in about three months the clasps and sliders will be cast and we will start making a clasp and slider style cummerbund in addition to today's ribbon closure style.

How to repair a grenadine pull or snag


For those who have asked us how to repair a grenadine pull or snag: