Sky Blue, Off-White with a touch of Red on Light Red Macclesfield Printed Silk Tie #MCT-130

Estimated number that can be made: 2 item(s)
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100% Twill Silk printed in Macclesfield, England.

Please visit our Tie Guide page for help with your measurements - please note that the amount of stretch varies as is based on how often you wear your tie and how tightly you make your knot etc. Only you can decide your correct length.

Estimated number that can be made: 2 item(s)
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I think it's the best or one of the best of the Macclesfield selection here right now. I ordered this some years ago.

This tie has a bit of blue and pink that really go well with the dominant red. If you're looking for an attractive, versatile tie, then I'd recommend this one. I wonder why this tie isn't available in other colors.

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