Chocolate Grenadine Grossa with Sky Blue (Hand Sewn) Pin Dots Silk Tie #GGDT-4(3)

Our classic Grenadine construction is a 4-fold. If you like extra weight consider a lined six fold construction. Unlined 7-folds are a complex construction which is rarely used. Grenadines without tipping will be somewhat see-through.
Let us know your knot in the checkout notes area if it is a different knot from what we list above. Keep in mind that different knots need different lengths; as an example a half-Windsor needs two inches more length than a four-in-hand.
Tell us the exact length in the checkout notes area - The length is measured from the tip of the big end to the tip of the small end. See our Tie Guide point number 6 for measuring help - linked from the top of our home page
Measured at the widest part of the tie. The width has no rules, it should be based on your body size and your personal preference. It is a sartorial myth that you should match to your jacket lapels.
Classic Tipping has the same fabric in the triangular underside of the tie as the front of the tie. Rolled edges can only be added to ties without tipping - If you select different tipping tell us which tipping fabric in the checkout notes area.
Tell us your monogram in the checkout notes area. Our handsewn monograms are individual letters, numbers & characters, not a group of letters. Please count the total of each letter, number & character that you want: Example RST is three monograms
A bar tack is a small stitch on the reverse side of the tie that helps to hold the tie together.
Measurements etc. ask before ordering at: For note cards tell us what to write in the checkout notes area. Gift wrap is not available. Two ties to a gift box is standard. For an extra charge we can pack one tie to a gift box.
GGDT-4 (3)
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100% Grenadine Silk woven in Italy.

The pin dots are sewn by hand and cover the front of the tie only.

Please note that it takes many hours to sew the pin dots by hand and we are probably the only tie maker in the world making hand-sewn pin dot Grenadines.

Please visit our Tie Guide page for help with your measurements and remember that the grenadine weave is a loose one which can stretch - the amount of stretch varies as is based on how often you wear your tie and how tightly you make your knot etc. Only you can decide your correct length.


I have received this chocolate grenadine tie with sky blue dots. 59" and 8.25cm. It's beautiful! The lustre of the grenadine weave is gorgeous. This is my first bespoke tie. I really appreciate the attention to detail, and not only in the tie itself but also in the way it has been packaged for shipping. I myself fold clothes very specifically and carefully, and do most things mindfully and with my full attention. I can clearly see that this tie has similarly been created and prepared by people who really care about the products. A Four-in-hand knot it probably the appropriate knot, but the Half-Windsor works well also. And David was also optimally attentive to my requirements and was happy to discuss them via email. I love this tie.
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