Sage Grenadine Grossa Silk Tie #GGT-19

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100% Grenadine Silk woven in Italy.

Please visit our Tie Guide page for help with your measurements and remember that the grenadine weave is a loose one which can stretch - the amount of stretch varies as it is based on how often you wear your tie and how tightly you make your knot etc. Only you can decide your correct length.


This thing is glorious. Fantastic color, sublime texture, impeccable craftsmanship. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite ties. It pairs quite well with a camel sport coat.

It does make a LARGE knot. I find that I have to use a Kent knot on it, where I typically use a Half-Windsor for my non-grenadine ties and a Pratt for garza fina grenadines with wider collar spreads.
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