Illinois State Police Silk Tie #APT-1 - Dark Forest Green, Medium Brown & Beige

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Illinois State Police Silk Ties

Made with 100% Silk.

Dark Forest Green, Medium Brown & Beige.

The design was put together to honor retirees and serve as a symbol of the department's motto of "Integrity, Service, and Pride".

“On June 24, 1921, the 52nd General Assembly of the State of Illinois authorized the Department of Public Works and Buildings to hire a "sufficient number of State Highway Patrol Officers to enforce the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Laws." The Illinois State Police was officially created in 1922 and today, comprised of sworn personnel and civilians totaling more than 3,000, is one of the most modern and efficient police organizations in the country.” (


Please visit our Tie Guide page for help with your measurements - please note that the amount of stretch varies as is based on how often you wear your tie and how tightly you make your knot etc. Only you can decide your correct length.


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