US Army 1st Infantry Regiment Silk Tie #AMT-7

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1st Regiment US Army

The 1st Infantry Regiment of the United States Army traces its lineage to 1791 and the establishment of the 2nd Infantry Regiment. A year later the regiment was transformed into a component of the Legion of the United States, a combined arms force of infantry, artillery, and cavalry. Since its establishment the regiment has seen action in 39 campaigns including the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Civil War, World War II, Vietnam, as well as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. 

The regiment’s coat of arms bears a field of blue, the color of the Infantry branch, as well as a field of red, the color of the old Legion of the United States. The notches on the diagonal band represent the campaigns the regiment has participated in. In a nod to its history the regiment is still know as “the Legion” and veterans and current members refer to one another as “Legionaries”.