All is well

by David Hober

At the moment all is peaceful in Chiang Mai.

Sam (Samantha Hober our 14 year old daughter) has taught me about social media. And we have started on Instagram and YouTube.

It is fun and we plan to make more tie construction videos. Wishing a healthy next few months to everyone as the Corona virus slows down and becomes under control.

Take care,











Silk masks are possible in theory, but maybe not practical?
Perhaps Sam Hober could make silk face mask covers? We would need to:
A. Warn wearers not to match with the tie
B. Seven folds are not available
C. Grenadine is to porous and
D. You can go online and opt out of the signature requirement for DHL tie deliveries. I just wave at my driver from the windowas he runs up, knocks and runs back.
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