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Necktie Care

With the proper care your Sam Hober tie should last for many years.

There is no easy way to clean a necktie but the best way is to dry clean it at a reliable dry cleaning establishment, one that has extensive experience with fine neckties. Be sure to remind them not to press the tie.

As a general rule you should not iron your tie as the edges have a soft finish and ironing will flatten the edges of your tie.
The old traveler's trick of hanging a tie up while taking a shower works well for minor wrinkles. Better yet, carefully untie your tie by reversing the tie knotting process and hanging the tie up. Gravity will help remove the wrinkles.

Our lined ties use pure wool interlinings which help the tie resist wrinkles and drape beautifully. You can store your ties by hanging them up or rolling them. When rolling your tie take care to not damage the tie’s tip and when hanging a tie rotate the position of the tie to avoid creases.

We do not suggest that you steam your tie as steamers have been known to occasionally “spit” water which can cause water spots. If you need to steam your tie for difficult creases or wrinkles try steaming it from the back.

In a true emergency silk can be spot cleaned with just a little cold water on a cloth. Then dry by very gently rubbing a dry cloth against the silk. Please note that this is not always going to work! The old advice to use soda water is no longer necessary. Long ago water often had salts in it which would chafe the silk. This is no longer the case with the water supply in most places.

Please note that handwoven Thai silk is woven on a traditional wooden loom and irregularities in weave such as slubs, and variations in color are both normal and part of the silk’s charm.

Grenadine ties are woven from a special type of gauze silk which is delicate, please be very careful not to snag the silk. After wearing your tie you may notice a slight movement of the silk, due to the loose weave which is characteristic of grenadine. This is normal and will not change your tie’s knot, drape or overall beauty.