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How we make our pocket squares

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First assemble your supplies. You will need a pattern, sharp pair of scissors, a ruler, a marking pencil, thread, a new needle and your favorite silk fabric.
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Carefully unroll your silk and smooth it out with your hands. Place your pattern on top of the silk and draw a line around the edges of the fabric.
You want to allow between 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch on each side for your rolled edge.
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Very carefully cut your silk on your pattern line. Feel free to use a rotary cutter if you prefer. Be sure to use a new blade.
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After cutting your silk this is what you get, a square that is ready to sew into something special.
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Now comes the tricky part. Slowly roll one side of the silk. Do not pin the roll or iron it, as this will flatten the roll. You need to develop a smooth touch so that you can create a nice gentle and even roll.
Rolls can be made smaller or larger depending on your preferences and the thickness of the fabric.
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Start sewing by going down into the roll with your needle and into the flat area of your pocket square. Then go up and into the roll again. Repeat this step in a smooth and even pattern. With a little practice you will be able to sew and roll at the same time.
You should have approximately 5 to 10 stitches per inch depending on the fabric and type of roll.
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After you finish one side it will look like the photo on the left. Next, you should work on the side that is directly opposite. The final two sides can be sewn in any order.
By this time you will be fast approaching expert pocket maker status.

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Voila! A finished pocket square. Immediately put it in your favorite jacket pocket.