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Sam Hober College Tie Project

Monday October 9, 2006 Start of Phase One

Ideas for Colleges & Striped Tie Designs Requested

Saturday evening October 14, 2006 Goal for final College tie ideas.

Next, Sam Hober will begin refining the designs and producing the specifications for weaving.

The tie designs should soon be ready for the weavers.

Roughly a dozen designs are expected to be selected and created in phase one.

All ideas in phase one are in a state of change and are being edited as we go along.

We will make updates on an irregular basis as a sort of make a silk blog.
Friday October 13, 2006

A number of new colleges were suggested today.

The colors of Penn state were considered. The use of black stripes makes sense for breaking up the white stripes. I am still not sure about the pink stripe....

We have 15 suggestions for ties so far on this page with a handful more that need to be updated on Saturday.

We are on target to have the designs for the ties selected this week and next week we will have the designs finalized.

The ties' stripes will be fairly straight-forward. I will do some more searching for colors and then make notes about the brightness of the colors.
Sunday October 15, 2006

In the end we selected roughly 20 colleges with several still being considered for the future.

The next step is to finalize the colors and stripe widths.
As of Monday October 16 College Striped Ties:

Virginia Ties: 1" Blue stripes & 1/2" Orange stripes

Ohio State Ties: Scarlet & Bright Gray Equal size stripes 1/2" wide.

Columbia Ties: Light blue & White. 1/3" Equal stripes.

Denison Ties : Red, White & Black. Red & Whites 1" wide, Black very narrow line.

University of Pennsylvania Ties: Red & Blue. Equal size 3/4" Red & Blue stripes.

Georgetown Ties: Blue & Dull Gray. Equal stripes roughly 1/2" width.

Kansas State Ties: White & Purple. Equal Stripes 1/2" wide.

Penn State Ties : Blue & White. Blue twice as wide as White. White bordered by thin black stripes. Pink lines through the white are still being considered.

Dartmouth Ties: Green & White. Equal 3/4"stripes.

University of Michigan Ties: Maize & Blue Equal 1/2" stripes

Central Michigan Ties: Maroon & Yellow/Gold Equal 3/4"stripes

University of Oklahoma Ties: Crimson & Cream

Vanderbilt Ties: Black & Gold. 1/4" stripes

Stanford Ties: Cardinal & White. Cardinal Equal 3/4" stripes

University of Delaware Ties: Blue & Gold. 1 1/4" stripes Careful attention to the gold so it does not look yellow.

Loyola Ties: Maroon & Gold 2/3" Stripes

UNC Chapel Hill Ties: Carolina blue and white stripes will have equal strength, the navy stripe will be thin.

University of Mississippi: Navy Blue 1 1/4" stripe, White 4mm stripe Red 8mm

Texas A&M: Maroon & White 3/4" stripes

Downside: Midnight blue, saffron & ruby red

Concordia: Midnight blue background with white text, moon & star. Logo size and distance between logos is still being designed.

Please note that tentatively we will be adding more colleges ties in the future, so feel free to email requests.

Thank you!

Monday October 16, 2006

The list is just about stable but there is lots of discussion going on through email and forum posts about classic tie stripes vs. new designs such as extra wide tie stripes.

Tuesday October 17, 2006

The list is now final and the stripe width and colors are being selected.

We selected 19 colleges and 1 "Concordia" sailing tie
Saturday October 21. 2006

I had a fascinating talk with a gentlemen about using the uniform colors of a famous general for a striped tie.

On Monday I hope to finish my work on the pantone colors.
Wednesday October 25, 2006

One more school was added and now we have 21 designs in total for this group. I have sent the designs to the weavers in England, and the next step will be answering any questions that they have.
Friday October 27, 2006

I just finished a conversation (5:30 in the morning mountain time) with the weavers. We talked about the patterns and colors. Everything is going smoothly with the striped designs.

A question came up about the Concordia design: Would we be interested in the logo "circle" being a navy blue background - which means no circle or a lighter blue circle logo on a navy background?

I will consult with our client and then get back to the weavers.

Some Penn Sttae history:

Penn State's student-athletes are instantly identified by their blue and white uniforms - but those weren't the original school colors. A three-member committee representing the sophomore, junior and senior classes was appointed in October of 1887 to develop color options from which the student body would select the school's official colors. Dark pink and black was the unanimous choice of the student body after considering the color combinations presented by the committee. 

Soon many students and the baseball team were sporting pink and black striped blazers and caps. However, problems arose when the pink faded to white after several weeks of exposure to the sun. The students then opted for blue, rather than black, and white. The official announcement of the new choice was made on March 18, 1890.
Sunday October 29, 2006

It has been suggested to me that UNC Chapel Hill should not have as strong a navy blue stripe as historically it has not been emphasized. so I am working on some last minute revisions to the design which will give the blue and white equal strength and have the navy used for balance.

From The UNC website:

"As symbols of unity among Carolina students, alumni, and fans, the school colors of light blue and white were first used around 1800 to distinguish between members of the Dialectic and Philanthropic Literary Societies. Throughout the nineteenth century, students were required to be members of either the Di or the Phi. The Di's color was light blue, and the Phi's was white.

At University commencements, balls, and other social events, the student officials, managers, and marshals wore the color of their society, blue or white. Because the Chief Marshal or Chief Ball Manager represented the whole student body, not just his society, he wore both colors.

When the University fielded its first intercollegiate athletic teams in 1888, the question of what colors to wear had already been answered. Light blue and white had come to symbolize membership in the University, not in a single society. Light blue and white have been considered the University's colors for more than a century."