Silk Wallets

Pippo, a good friend from the north of Italy showed up at school one day (our children go to the same school) with a battered old silk wallet that he loved which was falling to pieces.

The wallet was lightweight and beautiful (but not so durable) and caught my eye.

Soon thereafter we made Pippo a new wallet as a Christmas present using a heavy but elegant silk.

We then made one more with a different silk to further experiment.

We are now making custom made wallets with different sizes, silks & pocket sizes. It is a work-in-progress so if you are interested please email us and be patient as we talk about the possibilities.

As an example we can use the following fabric: All of our Thai Silk, Macclesfield Print Silk (but not the madder silk), Reppe Stripe Silk, Atkinsons Irish Poplin, Tartan Silk & Cashmere/Silk.