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General Information


Are all of Sam Hober's ties bespoke/custom made?

Yes, all of our ties are custom made and most of our pocket squares. We do not have any ties that are already made-up.

Ties in stores usually fit me, if I want to order a tie with standard measurements and construction how do I do it?

Select your tie,

Click on "Add to Cart"

Add it to your shopping cart,

Then check out.

When you check out you will see a "Notes" area please add:

"Classic Tie"

We will make your tie 57 by 3.75 inches shaped for a four-hand knot with a 3-fold construction.

Your tie will still be custom made for you we have no ready made ties in stock.

How do I customize a tie?

You will follow the same steps as above but you will add to your shopping cart any additional options such as length, special constructions, rolled edges, DHL etc. and give us detailed instructions in the "Notes" area when you check out - including your tie length, width and knot as well as any other preferences.

To get started please see our guide: Custom Made/Bespoke Ties

And please email us with your questions at:

Do you have a minimum order?

No, we do not have a minimum order and once we have your pattern as you like it we will keep it on file.

Please tell me how your ties are made.

All our ties are custom made completely by hand in the length, width, construction and shape, that you request.

In our workshop our ties are hand-folded, and sewn with a hidden stitch to close the back, which gives the tie a soft natural drape. The back is finished with a slipstitch at both ends.

Unlike most tie brands we never contract out any part of making our ties. The reason for this is that unless you make a tie in your own workshop it will never have the small details just right that a true luxury bespoke /custom made tie requires.

The interlining is made with pure wool. The keeper loop is sewn into the seam, which assures that it will last for years.

The tipping (on the underside of the tie) and the keeper are made from the same silk as the front of the tie, unless you ask for something different such as for example using Thai silk for your tipping.

After we make your pattern we carefully cut by hand the fabric for each tie, one by one.

Please order a swatch if you need exact colors.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept through our online store payment in US dollars through:

PayPal - which also accepts credit cards that are linked to PayPal and major credit cards that are not linked.

Do you offer gift certificates?

We are sorry - we do not offer gift certificates, although we are happy to work with you on gift orders. so for example you can give a card and the gift receipient can contact us for the order and you can then pay.

How long does it take you to make your ties and pocket squares?

Please see the news section of our website and please note that many countries have customs duties on imports.

In America orders delivered through the post office will typically, but not always not have duty. Orders delivered through a courier such as DHL will often have customs duty but not always.

Duty when collected by couriers can be at the time of delivery or sometimes a few weeks later. The duty amount if charged in America is roughly what sales tax would be plus a small fee.

In northern Europe duty will be collected by DHL almost always and often by the post office.

In the rest of Europe like America orders will tend to have duty when sent through couriers like DHL but usually no duty (at least for small orders) through the post office.

Poland has a 23% VAT tax and roughly a 15% duty for ties.

France has custom duties that will typically be collected by DHL and often by the post office.

Australia and Russia seem to have good policies for imports with duty rarely being a problem for orders up to a reasonable amount.

Canada usually but not always collects both duty and VAT tax.

It is always a good idea to research your countries shipping requirements customs duty.

Where are you located?

Our workshop is in the Chiang Mai area of Thailand.

Where we make all our ties very slowly by hand.

Do you sell to other businesses?

We only sell directly to our clients and we do not have any volume or wholesale discounts or sales.

Do you have a retail location?

We are an internet based business without a physical sales location.

How do I fold my pocket square?

Try these folds: Pocket Square Folds

Do the prices in your custom made scarf chart include the price of the silk?

Yes, the price of the silk is included in the scarf prices.